Tip top gifts for snow sports fans

Birthdays, Christmases, anniversaries, celebrations: there are all sorts of occasions that warrant a spot of gift buying for the important people in your life. While some people pull their hair out at the thought of having to purchase the perfect present, if that special someone is into snow sports there are hundreds of options for gifts that they will not only love but will come in incredibly useful as the follow their snowy pursuits. There are so many great items out there in fact the you may find yourself set for the next couple of years as far as gift giving goes!

A base layer

Staying warm on the slopes is one of the most important things you can do. With the gift of a quality base layer your gift will literally be close to your recipients heart and they will be thanking you profusely when the wind whips up!

Boot dryers

There is nothing more demoralising than pulling on damp boots! These magical boot dryers don’t require electricity and can simply be slipped inside your boots where the Silca oxide beads work their magic and literally suck the moisture our of your boots. They last for 10 days and after that just need to be recharged by a short stint in your oven!

The old classic socks and underwear

It may seem like a boring gift, but there is no shortage to highly technical socks and underwear that are designed especially for snow sports. Look for cushioning in all the right places and fabric and fibre that wicks away dampens and sweat.

Trip to somehow snowy

For the really special occasions or when you really want to splurge on someone why not plan the trip of a lifetime for them to a much loved snow spot or dream getaway? Imagine giving your loved one the gift of walking up in beautiful surrounding to an Alpine Glow that they can then ski or snowboard off into. One of our favourite places to go is Altapura in France. It is a luxurious spot that has one of the longest snow seasons in Europe. An exciting alternative to a resort stay is to keep moving and tackle a hut to hut ski trek where you will travel though wild mountains and isolates posts all under your own steam! The trek includes huts that are manned and supplied with food equipment and bedding so you wont even need to carry a heavy pack with you; can you get any more perfect than that?

Snow centre voucher

If heading far afield to snowy climes is outwith your budget then when to consider something a little closer to home? Find out where your closest snow centre is and get the a gift certificate for time on the slopes or perhaps for some one on one coaching with a resident expert. A personal training session is not as expensive as you may think, but will make a huge impact on your recipients skill level.

That upcoming birthday doesn’t seem so intimidating now does!

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