The best ski spots in Surrey

The best ski centres in and around Surrey

Living in London can make it difficult to just up and head to the mountains whenever then snow notion takes you. Not to mention that recent fluctuating temperatures and odd weather patterns might mean that there will either not be much snow once you arrive or so much snow that you won’t be able leave for a couple of days (not a bad thing in my opinion).

Luckily there are numerous ways to get your ski or snowboard fix in and around the Surrey area meaning that you can plan to get out and about regardless of the weather and without a long car drive up north or hopping across the channel:

Sandown Ski Centre

There are few places where you can hit the slopes while taking in views of a pristine race course and the impressive London Skyline. Not only does Sandown have views that will have you rushing back up one of their 4 slopes it is packed full of other amenities and options to make a visit more than worth while. catering to all experience levels, classes and open sessions are available. Tubing is a popular family activity here not t mention other activities like the skywalk which gets you off the slopes and into the trees!

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Bracknell Ski Centre

At Bracknell you will find something to keep everyone occupied, you can ski snowboard and even tube down the slopes. The centre also hosts an ice skating rink, a gym and even a snooker club do no matter your families interest you can al enjoy a day out! ONMondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays the slopes are oral avualel for private hire so be sure to check your days, dates and times in advance before heading out.

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Catering unashamedly to London snow bunnies this state of the art facility specialises in providing person luring to those wanting to improve their skills be it on board or on skies. Using the indoor ski slope equivalent of a treadmill prepare for a training experience like no other. Group classes are kept to 3 people for every 1 instructor with one on one training also being available. You can also rent either or both of the slopes for private sessions, either for an amazing family day out or a team building or corporate event with a twist. A viewing area is available and delicious food and beverages are available in the Alpine bar.

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If all these have you itching to look out your gear, what is stopping you? You don’t have far to go!

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