Snacking while skiing

Being on top form while you are on the slopes is important. No matter how experienced you are there is no getting past the fact the flying down a mouton at speed can be a dangerous pastime and when your hunger turns to hanger or uncomfortably tired you can make mistakes that have horrifying repercussions. Having a supply of easy to transport, high energy snack on hand are ideal when you are hitting the slopes. Not only will they give you a boos of energy when you need it most but your snack supply might just be what someone else needs if you come across them and they are struggling. And if you are skiing or snowboarding with kids it will as the perfect bribe to get them over the next hill!

Now a banana is not going to stand up well to you falling on top of it and you probably don’t want to weigh yourself down with a whole picnic hamper of munchies either, so what are some good food stuffs to bring with you on you next outing?

For a light, unbreakable and compact energy boost cubes of jelly are one of the best things you can have! As a chubby 10 year old I would steal squares of that jiggly goodness to munch surreptitiously in my room but seriously, ex-ski racer Peter Davies swears by the stuff so it must be good!

Other snacks to give serious consideration to are:

Babybel cheese: Great for protein and it doesn’t matter if they get bashed

Peanut butter/Almond butter: Obviously I don’t mean taking a whole jar with you! Individual packets of the nutty stuff are a great energy boost, just make sure you don’t burst the packet!

Jerky: Dried meat products are another great protein boost that last for ages and can stand up to the rigours of the slopes, just be prepared for the chew factor when you chow down on them.

Chocolate: Keep it in an outside pocket to stop your body heat from melting it and you are all set for a sweet sugar boost, go with dark chocolate for the maximum health benefits.

Dried Mango with chilli flakes: This one might sound a bit random but something with a bit of spice can really help warm you up and the sugar in the mango is another great energy boost.

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Take care of yourself out on the slopes by planning ahead to ward off those hunger pangs!

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