Never-ever to experienced planker (the kid edition)

If you love nothing more than hitting the slopes, whether it is getting that powdery sweet spot or perhaps using your board to hit some great tricks and enjoy the sensation of flying down the side of a mountain, it is only natural that you want to install that feeling of freedom al movement in your kids. But finding the best way to do that can be a tricky prospect, especially if you came to snow sports later in life yourself.



There is no way around it, skiing and snowboarding is a wet, cold, cold sport, and nothing makes a child more miserable than being damp and chilly- after all, babies cry when their nappies are wet for a reason!

Kit you kid out in some good quality waterproof and warm clothes. Even if you are planning to start off with dry ski slopes the right clothing will go a long way to cushioning any falls and bumps too. Pay special attention to socks, gloves and hats as they will make a bi difference to your wee ones comfort. If you have friends who have snow moving kids ask to borrow piece of gear too!


A pet peeve of ski professionals is watching poorly trained adults yet to train their kids; it never ends well! Even if you are a fairly accomplished skier or snowboarder is it worth considering bringing ing professional help. Your kids will take t much more seriously and they won’t learn any of those bad habits or shortcuts you hate to admit to doing!

If snow sports are fairly new to you, take some training yourself. It will make you feel that much more confident and you will be much better placed I help your kids out should they get int difficulty, not to mention you will be a great example of piste etiquette.

Family lessons are a great option too, make it a grand day out, and when your kids see you learning they will be encouraged to learn too.

Make it fun and start off small

Like anything new, it can be best to introduce them to the slopes in small doses. Don’t expect them to be able to tackled an uphill cross country ski as soon as they get fitted for ski boots! It can also be helpful to remember that there is so much more to do on the slopes than just ski or snowboard. Tubing is a great introduction to the fun side of the slopes and as it requires no experience and hardly any equipment it can be the perfect way to get a nervous child used to the sight sand sounds of the slopes before you tackle the main event. Once your kids are up and about on the slopes it can be the perfect way to end a long day or celebrate mastering particular skill. Good food, cozy spots and company are a major part of the snow scene! What kid wouldn’t like to sample some fondue (be it cheese or chocolate) in front of roaring fire while sipping on hot chocolate with mountains of whipped cream and marshmallows?

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