A beginners guide to cross country skiing

This energetic sport is quickly gaining in popularity in Britain thanks to the increasing number of roll ski clubs and groups which mean that you can practice your from and work your stamina before hitting the snow in colder climes. 

But what is cross country skiing? While many people think of skiing as always about going downhill (often at great speed), Cross Country skiing is about going along, around, and up as well as down. If you have ever fancied exploring and seeing more of the mouton side rather than just the slopes then cross country skiing might just be for you! For those looking for a more strenuous exercise than downhill skiing you have found the right niche!

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Like any snow sport getting good training is essential to your enjoyment, not to mention safety. Don’t be afraid to take lessons, no matter your age you can indeed learn new tricks! Take time to find the right instructor too and don’t let a bad expense turn you off from this great sport!

The environments required for cross country skiing are limited in Britain, which bring me back to the roll ski groups I mentioned before. Roll Skiing adds wheels to you skis and lets you replicate the benefits and practice of skiing on the snowy stuff on tarmac at your local park!  It’s low impact and teaches you the skills you need to take it off piste.

Austria and Lapland have some wonderful trails and resorts that are ideal for beginners. After all you don’t want to get stuck in a cold valley as night descend on your first day out do you?

Speaking of getting cold, there is a saying in cross country skiing that there is no such thing s a bad weather just bad clothes! Wearing the right gear for being out on snowy slopes is vitally important, and because you are likely to take breaks when cross country skiing having additional layers to pull on to keep you toast warm is even more important. But back to strain and lapland! If you are considering a cross county ski trip then give serious consideration to Seefeld in Austria, is features a 3KM floodlit trail in addition to over 154KM of classic trials that link 5 gorgeous alpine villages. It also features a specialised cross country skiing school so you can brush up on techniques or take a crash course (to teach you not to crash) while there

If Lapland calls to your wanderlust then check out Levi, it is suitable for all abilities and its trails are peppered with refreshment huts, what better excuse to keep on going!

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